Empty Settings

Empties have a special usage in XPlane2Blender. Having no mesh and no material, they are a fast and easy way to group and animate other Blender Objects. Post 3.5, they are also the way to specify special types of objects, such as particle emitters. Being a Blender Object, they share all the characteristics with what is covered [here]('35_object_settings.md').

XPlane2Blender Settings

Empty Special Type




No special usage

Particle Emitter

Empties location and rotation will be used to emit particles in X-Plane

Sound Emitter

A planned but unimplemented feature to set X-Plane sound emitters


Defines where on a yoke the VR tablet can be attached

Particle Emitter Settings

Emitter Name - A name from a .pss file that will be reference by the OBJ Emitter Index - The index of that Emitter Name to use, if there is one. Leave as 0 if not specified.

Magnet Settings

Debug Name - The human readable name shown for debugging purposes Magnet Type - Must be one or both of "xpad" or "flashlight"

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